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Instructor Resources

What would I need to do to teach online at Pierce College?

As approved by Pierce Academic Senate 2015, the following guidelines qualify you to teach online at Pierce College:

Prior to teaching online, all new online instructors shall attend and complete six hours of online pedagogy training and six hours of PierceOnLine CMS tools training which can be accomplished through:

  • 1.) Two courses - Teaching Online. Teaching Online is offered four times a year free of charge to Pierce Faculty. If faculty want to get certified at a different time, they can fund themselves and take the course "Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning" directly from @one https://catalog.onlinenetworkofeducators.org 
  • AND 
  • Introduction to Canvas Training - this is offered six times a year.
  • 2.) a course/conference otherwise approved by the DEITC as comparable to the options listed above.
  • 3.) a degree or certificate from accredited institution in educational technology, online curriculum **

How to Login to the new SIS Portal

In order to log into Canvas you must log into your new SIS Portal LACCD has recently upgraded our security and have changed the way student/faculty login to their account in the new SIS Portal. Therefore, all students/faculty passwords have been reset to a default temporary password.

PLEASE NOTE: Faculty should enter their Spring 2017 grades (and will need to enter their Summer 2017 grades) in the LACCD WebFaculty Instructor System and not the new LACCD Portal.

Employee Login Name and Default Password Format
1.) Go to the New SIS Portal
2.) Employee username is your SAP user ID or your @faculty.laccd.edu email address.
Example employee ID’s: smithj or smithj@faculty.laccd.edu
3.) Employee default passwords will consist of:
8@ + the month of your birthdate (MM) + the first character of your last name (capitalized) + the last 4 digits of your SSN. For example, Joe Smith, who was born on August 9th, and has SSN xxx-xx-1234, his default password would be: 8@08S1234
4.) Once you have successfully logged in, you will be required to update your password.

Add a preferred email address:
If you don’t want to check your LACCD email: community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2894

Set your notification preferences:
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Learn to Use Canvas Video Link: community.canvaslms.com/videos/1124

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