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Updates: October 15, 2015

Pierce is moving from Moodle to Canvas

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Hi Everyone,

The campus has voted to move our Learning Management System to Canvas starting a pilot in Spring 2016 and moving everyone over for Summer 2016. We have created a website at http://online.piercecollege.edu/canvas.html where you can find out more information about canvas and our transition over to it.

Additionally, the senate voted that all DE/hybrid instructors need to get re-certified to teach in Canvas. Next week I start a Canvas training to allow me to become a trainer for our campus and hopefully by mid December, we will be offering Canvas trainings here at Pierce. Additionally, we will still be contracting through @ONE for the Intro to Online Teaching for all faculty who are interested in becoming online instructors. Faculty who have already been certified need to get re-certified, but will have a different class opportunity.

All classes will get Canvas shells starting in Summer 2016 (Moodle shells will not longer be offered, however, you will have access to your old shells for referencing and student data). Just a reminder, we have great resources and information at http://online.piercecollege.edu/instructor.html

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